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Links and attributions to the blogs, sites, people, and software that power/inspire everything I do. It’s just a big ol’ jumble of links now. Surely there is something interesting here.

Updated occasionally. I get no commission from these links.

friends and supporters

  • Murphy — Known her literally all my life, has supported and lived my artistic endeavors with me. We entered the furry fandom together.
  • Elliot — Fellow artist, friend, and long time supporter, turned team-mate for SECRET PROJECTS.
  • Fangyy — Artist of many mediums, supporter, inspiring person and friend.
  • S-config — Blogger, friend, and probably the most directly to blame for the site as it is today.

Further thanks to Six, Cass, Jaden, Jorik, Cobalt, Leslie, Kaden, Natalie, Floyd, Wolfie, Sammy, Bailee, Foxxy, Ethan, EZ, Marvin, and Mom & Dad.

Special thanks to my current supporters, past supporters, commissioners, and anyone who has left me a tip along the way.


For the software and other junk that make (or did make) this site possible.

  • Caddy 2 — SSL-ready, powerful, and super user-friendly! Now my webserver of choice.
  • Krita, Inkscape, Blender, GIMP, and Kdenlive — Programs I use to create all graphics and artwork
  • Nextcloud — I use it for my personal cloud, has saved my ass many times when I accidentally delete files via rm.
  • Mailbox — Independent paid email service. Provides SMTP for my site.
  • Dokuwiki — Easy-to-use-and-abuse flat-file wiki.
  • Bulma CSS — CSS framework my site is built on
  • FontAwesome
  • ExpressionEngine — Main website CMS!
  • Lightbox.js (+my fork) — The awesome jQuery-free lightbox I use all over the site
  • AnubianHost — My wonderful webhost
  • W3Schools and DigitalOcean — Tutorials for HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and server administration/set up.
  • Pleroma — Lighter-than-Mastodonfediverse server. Used for my fedi presence.
  • Gitea — A self-hosted GitHub/Gitlab alternative. (“painless” is a lie, though…) Hosts my code repository.

blogs / personal sites

  • S-config — S is an excellent, terse blogger, fellow fur, and probably one of the greatest outside influences on me to create this website. Blame him for turning me into a self-hosting radical. He’s also a cool guy!
  • Heckscaper.com Another giant inspiration, Emma’s music has filled my ears for over 10 years now, and now their website, designs, and other endeavors inspire me still.
  • Deep Into the OldSkool — I thought I’d link this blog since 1) I really enjoy it and 2) it should be more well known. It has been consistently updated since 2009 by a dedicated fellow named JJ. If you like jungle, especially 90’s sets, this is your blog.
  • LandChad.net — Helpful, straightforward guides for setting up your own platforms or websites. Host your own platforms and services, with a focus on self-hosting, privacy, and security.

tools, toys, and other neat things


  • Hydrus — Self-hosted booru-style media collection sorter/viewer, also supports scraping your favorite sites/boorus.
  • FALocalRepo — A scraper for FurAffinity that can rip galleries, journals, scraps, etc of any profile and dumps it to a database with server. I used it to rip my old stuff off FA.
  • Pelican — Damn-good static site generator I used in the past.


  • Bytebeat Composer — Online composer/player for bytebeat music: music made from only a short equation or program.

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