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two obvious troublemakers

found some art of my old fantrolls on a peruse through old binders and notebooks. honestly, i remember having a lot of fun with them, and even though they could be considered basic, i still really like them… so i drew them again! now with outfits more interesting than t-shirt and jeans.


fallay the jade blood is rowdy and impulsive, but in a very controlled manner. her fun seems wreckless, but she has intelligently planned for the danger and any contingency it may incur. she became a rainbow drinker to avoid the responsibilities of her caste. she has a hope aspect and prospit sway. her strife specibus is axekind.

volkah the purple blood is laid-back, practical, and handy. he never bought into the whole clown theme his caste is known for, and thus was struck from any rite of leadership. he was taken in by fallay, who claims to have been unable to overcome her jade-blood instinct to take him in. volkah knows she was just lonely and bored. he is often on-board with her craziness, down to build or retrofit machines for stupid purposes. he has a blood aspect and a derse sway. his strife specibus is raftrsqkind. (rafter square)

they try to make every day like an episode of jackass. their combined traits allow them to NOT blow up fallay’s house while still tearing it up pretty good. moirails for life <>

maybe i’ll write more about them on my wiki. for now, just spitballing.

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