general sketchblog

An SFW art blog of fan art, commission work, personal/OC stuff and anything else that comes out of my pen. I try to post often!

art faq

I get asked a lot about how I do certain things with my art and even what I use. So, here you go. Please read through this page before sending me a question about my art, I may have already answered it here. (Though, feel free to ask for more details/clarifications on existing answers.)

tools and shit

What programs do you use to draw/create?

I use Krita, GIMP, Kdenlive.

In older works I have used Medibang Paint, Paint Tool SAI, and/or Photoshop CS2/CS6 (in addition to some of the programs I still use now). There are a handful of programs I have used for one-off experiments, such as Audacity, GraphicsGale, etc.

What do you draw on?

As of August 2020, my main tablet that I use to draw is a Huion GT-191 V2 tablet. My current drawing PC is a Linux-based machine with an i7, 16GB of RAM, and a GTX 3050.

In the past I’ve used a Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet (2012-2020) and a Microsoft Surface Book and Pen (2015-2020).

Do you use custom brushes in Krita?

Most of the brushes I use, especially my linework (both clean and sketch) are stock Krita 4 brushes. I particularly like to use “Shapes Fill,” “Marker Details,” and “Ink-7 Brush Rough”.

I do use custom brushes from Saeger’s Mojo MOO bundles occasionally, namely the MOO Lettering brushes for writing text.

What do you use for traditional art?

I use a wide variety of tools since I like to spice things up, but here are my “mainstays” tools/mediums:

  • Paper: Canson Mixed Media, Canson Fanboy Illustration
  • Sketching: 0.5mm Uni NanoDia Color erasable graphite, 0.9, 1.1mm, and 2.0mm HB graphite, retractile stick erasers
  • Drawing ink: Yasutomo sumi-e ink and dip pens, Faber-Castell fine liners, LePen colored pens, Sakura gelly roll white, etc
  • Markers: Copics, Ohuhus
  • Misc Stuff: light pad, liquid frisket, Krita for digital touch ups

Feel free to ask about further details, there’s too much to list here.

artwork (re)usage

Can I reupload your art to instagram/tumblr/etc?

No. You may not reupload artwork of my personal characters or of any fan art I have made.

If the artwork you want to reupload is of (or contains) your own character/OC(s), then see the next question.

If you drew my oc, can I reupload it to [X] site?

Yes. If I drew the OC and you still own it or you have come into ownership of the character depicted, you may reupload it.

All that I ask is that any version uploaded to public sites be the watermarked version, and that I be attributed properly. I am okay with adding your own watermarks over the image in addition to mine.

The artwork on this blog is not the full resolution of the artwork, so please feel free to get in touch so I can give you the full rez version, I very likely still have it!

I no longer use [X] OC, can you delete the art? / [X] was abusive/problematic/etc, can you delete art of them? / [X] and [Y] are no longer together, can you delete the art?

No, sorry. This blog exists to archive my work for myself first and foremost, and my artwork can and will exist on its own merits outside of said context.

If needed and by request, I will update names/pronouns/text on given posts, but the original artwork(s) will not be altered or deleted. Alteration or deletion will be at my sole discretion.

Please respect my stance on this, and do not attempt to bully me into doing more than I have conceded above.

misc questions

Can you teach me how to draw?

No. I won’t tutor or critique on request; I don’t have time and I cannot offer it in a fair way.

I can only offer what I have made in tutorials. Drawing tips, tricks. and lessons are easily accessible elsewhere online.