about me

Hello again, my name is Alex! (she/any) You can call me GIMON (/GEE-mohn/), NICEU, or whatever name(s) you’ve known me by. I am the sole operator of GIMON.ZONE and all its sites and subdomains.

I am a 20-something female from an often-forgotten mid-southwestern state, USA. I’ve been around on the internet on sites like deviantART, tumblr, and FurAffinity for over 10 years, producing furry/furry-adjacent artwork and fan art of varying quality.

I love to draw (both traditionally and digitally), craft, do CAD, read stupid comics, watch cartoons or anime, play video games, collect things, and dabble in code, among a myriad of other things. I’ve recently taken to server administration and using Linux, and I’m trying to get into blogging. I’m passionate about free and open-source software, illustration, languages, and molecular biology.

In between being a full-time college student, I work on this website. I started GIMON.ZONE (nee physonyl.net) in 2020 as an effort to create a personal home for the fruits of my hobbies that can remain safe from the interference of website moderators, pay-walling, and the like, as well as be “private” enough to help me with my self-expression issues. I’ve been posting on it nearly exclusively ever since; you likely found this page through a commissioner reposting my artwork (or, if you’re an OG, an old contact).

I’ve always been a bit of a hermit, and now I’m a digital one too. I’m sorry I don’t have much more to say about myself; I hope that the content of my website can help to speak for my interests and hobbies…. here’s some random fun facts about me to fill the void:

  • I wear glasses.
  • I like to paint my nails black.
  • My favorite genres of music are jungle, noise, nu-metal, punk, and ambient. (bonus points for fusion)
  • My favorite colors are grey, purple, and pink.
  • My favorite animal is a cat.
  • I use a trackball.