a functioning website. wow!

Hello and welcome to [the] GIMON.ZONE (pron. /GEE-mohn/), the personal site of Alex (that’s me!). ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

This site is a place for me to house and archive the fruits of my various interests and hobbies. That includes artwork (and porn), worldbuilding stuff, code, blogging, and various collecting projects.

Noticing things missing? In an attempt to get this website back public before the heat death of the universe, I've chosen to go ahead and make it publically accessible despite some sections that are in various stages of incompleteness. Links to them will return when they are more complete. Thanks!

Artwork — Furry Bullshit


general sketchblog

An SFW art blog of fan art, commission work, personal/OC stuff and anything else that comes out of my pen. I try to post often!


lewd sketchblog NSFW

A place for me to post my (very occasional) porn drawings. 18+ only please!

updated 1/12/2023

oc wiki NSFW

Central repository for artwork, information, and lore about my characters. One big ol' aimless wordlbuilding project.

Bloggery — Updates, Rants, and Raves


text blog

A catch-all blog for various topics, such as site updates/news, tutorials, thoughts, and more.